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Catoosa County Schools :: Human Resources
Applying for a Job

How to Apply for Job Openings in Catoosa County Public Schools:

Applications will only be accepted online.

Choose either Employment Link or General Application Information

If you choose General Application Information link, click the Apply Here button to complete the Certified or Classified application for any job listed. These applications will be in a general pool therefore the application will not be for a specific position. Applicants may attach a resume', certification certificate, school transcripts, etc. Applicants should check the website frequently in order to apply for specific job openings.

If you choose the Employment Link, applicants will be able to read a description of the position currently open. To apply click the Apply Here button. Complete the attached application. Applicants may attach a resume', certification certificate, school transcripts, etc.

Applicants will choose a pin number in order to return to the website and update their application as needed.

Applications will be purged one year from date submitted.

Returning Users: Once in the online job applications system, click Log in here to access your job application to make changes or additions to the application you currently have on file. If you have already submitted an application, you will have to login using this method to apply for new openings (you will find any openings listed at the bottom of the screen once you login and click on applicant profile). Please be advised - if you do not use this "returning users" method once you have an application on line, your new application will not be attached to that job opening.


Catoosa County Public Schools requires an acceptable GCIC background check prior to employment. 


GCIC Privacy Act Statement

Authority:  The FBI's acquisition, preservation, and exchange of fingerprints and associated information is generally authorized under 28 U.S.C. 534. Depending on the nature of your application, supplemental authorities include Federal statutes, State statutes pursuant to Pub. L. 92-544, Presidential Executive Orders, and federal regulations.  Providing your fingerprints and associated information is voluntary; however, failure to do so may affect completion or approval of your application.

Principal Purpose:  Certain determinations, such as employment, licensing, and security clearances, may be predicated on fingerprint-based background checks.  Your fingerprints and associated information/biometrics may be provided to the employing, investigating, or otherwise responsible agency, and/or the FBI for the purpose of comparing your fingerprints to other fingerprints in the FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI) system or its successor systems (including civil, criminal and latent fingerprint repositories) or other available records of the employing, investigating, or otherwise responsible agency.  The FBI may retain your fingerprints and associated information/biometrics in NGI after the completion of the application and, while retained, your fingerprints may continue to be compared against other fingerprints submitted to or retained by NGI.

Routine Uses:  During the processing of this application and for as long thereafter as your fingerprints and associated information/biometrics are retained in NGI, your information may be disclosed pursuant to your consent, and may be disclosed without your consent as permitted by the Privacy Act of 1974 and all applicable Routine Uses as may be published at any time in the Federal Register, including the Routine Uses for the NGI system and the FBI's Blanket Routine Uses.  Routine uses include, but are not limited to, disclosures to:  employing, governmental or authorized non-governmental agencies responsible for employment, contracting, licensing, security clearances, and other suitability determinations; local, state, tribal, or federal law enforcement agencies; criminal justice agencies; and agencies responsible for national security or public safety.